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Scrapbooking Program Choices

Posted by gram210 on June 4, 2008

I’ve been asked what kind of software should I use for scrapbook pages.

All programs require some learning curve. Even the free programs.

My personal preference is Adobe InDesign CS1 and above and I can’t live without Photoshop. There are other programs out there but for exact placement, spellcheck, ability to rotate your art 360 degrees, drop shadows, outlining text, multiple color gradients and a whole bunch more my vote is on InDesign. I can’t imagine building a whole page in Photoshop, simply because everything is done in layers and as the file get bigger it taxes your computer. With InDesign, I can place all my photos on to a page, rotate them, feather them, place them in circles, hearts, daisies, etc. The circles, hearts and daisies are dingbats turned to outline. And when I am finished with the page I can save the page as an Acrobat PDF.

In order for me to make an honest appraisal, I would have to purchase many programs and evaluate the effectiveness of all. So, if there is anyone else with more information about specific scrapbooking software please tell us about your experiences.


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