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Valentine’s Day Digital Freebie

Posted by gram210 on January 19, 2009

Valentine’s Day Digital
Scrapbooking Freebie

Romantical hearts to fall in love with.

FREE sample using the below art.

Download FREE sample above:


The get the complete Valentine’s Kit :

 Includes: lots of different hearts to show that special person how much you love them. Kit comes with eight 12×12 background papers. Elements include hearts, cupid, photo frame, rose, sunny face and a heart looped doodle.


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FREEBIE – Vintage Nostalgic Art

Posted by gram210 on January 11, 2009

The state of the economy has taken its toll all around me as more and more people are being laid off and people that are left have to work harder and harder and are asked to work less hours. The people that are losing jobs are the ones that are being paid the most with longer vacations and the others that lose their jobs are the ones that are not versatile enough to keep up with new responsibilities. I am fortunate that I am still employed.

My second job, A Little Digital, the website that I’ve been struggling to get going is a one woman show and in its second year. Keeping the home page updated and creating new kits is challenging. It seems overwhelming at times especially when more money is spent on advertising than what is being brought in. Offering FREEBIES makes me feel like the scrapbookers out there appreciate my art and all my effort is not in vain.

My latest venture with Vintage art was started last year and was finally finished this month.

I am offering a FREE sample using the below art.

Download FREE sample above:


In the FREE sample zipped file that you download you will find coupons for the next 12 months. These coupons may be used twice and are worth $3.00 off with a $5.00 purchase. If you were to use all of them you could save up to $72. You may distribute the coupons freely.

The complete Vintage Digital Scrapbooking Kit includes:

Nostalgic scrapbooking kit designed to bring out the old with the new. Kit comes with 15 vintage 12×12 background papers. (14 shown as rolls). Elements include 3 ribbons, tiger lily, rick rack , rick rack photo frames, damask elements, rock photo frame and a 12 x12 png file with the following words: Hot Rods, Faith, Family, Hokey Pokey, Stick Ball, Horse & Buggy, Full Service Gas Stations, Drive Ins, Vintage Art, Hoop Skirts, Zoot Suits, Betty Boop, The Way We Were, Soda Fountain, Board Games, Flappers, Jitterbug, Magic 8-Ball, Swing Dancing, Pony Tails, Happy Days, Ice Cream Parlour, Story Books, Fireside Chats, Fun! and Made In U.S.A.

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