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Baby Digital Scrapbooking Freebie

Posted by gram210 on April 20, 2009

Baby Digital Scrapbooking Freebie

I’ve been updating old scrapbook kits and throwing some out. I recently updated the Baby Digital Scrapbooking Kit and added more colors, more elements and more papers. Below is a sample of a few of the papers and elements that you may download for free. If you would like to see samples of the papers used with newborn babies visit my home page and take a peek at the handsome little newborn baby with the revised colors. For a second peek another handsome little newborn baby using blues and yellows.

To see the whole kit click on the photo above.

To download the FREEBIE click on this link.


MPG4 How to Match Colors Using the Curve Palette in Photoshop

My latest effort was making a tutorial using Windows Media Encoder and capturing the screen. The free program from Microsoft makes a nifty WMV file. I would like to place the video into the blog at A Little Digital but the best I could do at this time was offer it as a link using Quick Time. I downloaded program after program totalling five trying to find one that would give the best results. The last download was from the UK. It was sweet and did everything and more but left a watermark on the page if you didn’t pay for it. If I decide to make more videos I will probably invest in the software AVSVideoConverter from because it gave me the best results and the best quality. I got the video linked on The Little Digital Blog and if you’d like to see "How to Match Colors in Photoshop Using the Curve Palette" please click on this hyperlink.

And if someone would like to help me out here and tell me what plugin I should use to put videos in the blog document I would greatly appreciate it. Everything I have seen so far, the videos are being linked to YouTube and if that is the way to go, please let me know.


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Free Spring Tulip Photos

Posted by gram210 on April 11, 2009

Tulip Flower Photos Free for April

These beautiful tulip photos were taken at the 2008 Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan.

They are being offered for FREE at the below link or click on the photo above.

FREE Spring Tulip Photos

Coming Soon Dutch Digital Scrapbooking Kit.

I am working on a Dutch Digital Scrapbooking Kit, below is a sample of one of the papers that I have completed using a 17th Century Dutch Tile design.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Art Nouveau Digital Scrapbook Freebie

Posted by gram210 on April 6, 2009

Art Nouveau Digital Scrapbooking Freebie

The Free download comes with everything that you see above in 300 ppi format. Two papers, 2 butterflies, 2 flowers, and one frame. The font that I used to type Art Nouveau came from ClickArt and is called Terra.

After I finished my Art Nouveau Digital Scrapbooking Kit, I started putting a photo frame over a paper and the frame was multicolored and it just wasn’t going to work so I followed the instructions below and made the photo frame orange. Rather than scrapping the idea, I reinvented the art. Sometimes it just works better to have a solid color to place over a paper. So anytime you come across a frame or element that you like but just doesn’t work here’s another idea on how to solve the problem.

How do I get matching colors using Photoshop?

Working in RGB you need to familiarize yourself with the Curve Palette. You purchase a scrapbooking kit and it comes with a lot of bright retro colors but you’d like the frame to be all one color or you have an element that needs to be a solid color. You could use the Paint Bucket tool. But have you noticed that when you use the Paint Bucket that it adds extra color to the edges? And the more times you use the Paint Bucket the more color you get blended together? If you want the color to be the same all the way through convert your art to RGB black and then…

If you have art that is one color or many colors and is saved with a transparent background and you would like all of the color to be orange. LIKE THIS ORANGE COLOR.

For the below instructions I have selected the color orange shown above 246 Red 142 Green 85 Blue. Open your curve palette. Command M on the Mac, Control M on the PC.

1. Turn your graph slider so that the black is on the top and the white is on the bottom. (Just the opposite of what is shown below). Select the arrows in the middle and the graph will toggle from black top to white bottom.

2. Pull the slider from bottom to top so that your piece of art is all black.

3. Now that your art is black you want to close your curve palette and then reopen it. Toggle the white towards the top like above and below.

Select the Red Channel, place your mouse at the lower left corner of the graph and a box will open like shown above, type in the red value, select the green, type in the green value, select the blue, type in the blue value – and there is your matching color.

Now your art is orange.


In the FREE download I have already converted the frame to orange.

For a Limited Time Only Download a FREE Sample of the Art Nouveau Digital Scrapbooking Kit.

To get the complete kit click on this link or copy and paste the below code into your browser.

Thank you for reading my blog.


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17th Century Dutch Tile Design

Posted by gram210 on April 4, 2009

Recently, I’ve been working on recreating 17th Century Tiles to put into a Digital Scrapbooking Kit. I was surprised to find the library had many books on ceramic tiles. I was specifically looking for art that lends itself to background papers without being too busy.

I was searching for alphabets, motifs and symbols. There are lots of different places to find ideas. Wooden Signs, Cake Decorator Motifs, How To books. Looking through an old black and white book on tiles I found this corner that looked like this.

And with a little manipulation and the right colors I ended up with the pattern below. This rendition is really bright, specifically eye-catching for the web but I plan to have other papers that are lighter.

You may copy the image below but…

You must make a comment about whether this kind of art is something that scrapbookers or designers would like to see more of.

17th Century Dutch Tile Design 72×72 pixels.
Makes an interesting desktop pattern.

I currently have some international kits that seem to be fairly popular and my favorite: African Digital Scrapbooking Kit is a top seller. I would like to offer more international kits but I don’t know which country has the most interest.

So, scrapbookers and other interested individuals, help me out here and let me know what kind of art that you find most appealing.

Thanks for reading.

…and by the way Gram means grandmother and 10 is 10 grandchildren.

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