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Mexican Sun Digital Scrapbook QP Freebie

Posted by gram210 on October 25, 2011

Mexican Sun Digital Scrapbook Freebie

Muchachas take a look at this! It’s FREE. You like?

After an exhilarating visit with balmy 90 degree weather in Mexico, I came back home to discover that half the leaves had fallen off the maple trees and it was cold.

We stayed in Guadalara in the beautiful Hotel Morales. This historic hotel was divided into 3 sections and all areas were very ornate, the reception area that opened up to the top floor with a painting of clouds, the banquet room had decorative tiled steps, on the roof top there was a view of the city, a pool and always breathtaking moments of awe. The service was excellent.

I was anxious to put this Mexican Scrapbook kit together while the information was still in my head. One of the most fascinating places that I visited was the huge Mercado in Guadalara, that featured over 3 stories of shopping and eating experiences. There were miles of shoes, CDs, video games, jeans, jewelry, on the bottom floor you could buy meat, fruit and vegetables and in the middle of the mercado there were cubicles (maybe 50 or more) of food stands with everything from birrira (goat), ceviche, tacos and a Corona with lime and salt. Then it started pouring rain…

Much of our trip was spent navigating the cities with a taxi or bus. The bus was always more difficult because you never knew where you needed to get off. When we weren’t walking everywhere, we took a Tequila tour, a commercial bus to Puerto Vallarta. At Puerto Vallarta we loved the Vallarta Adventure tours. They were very professional and took great care to make sure we were all safe during the zip lines and the boat tours.

I would like to thank all the artisans of Tonala, Tlaquepaque, Guadalara and Puerto Vallarta for all their hard work in creating these beautiful pieces. My suitcase could only hold so much, so what I couldn’t purchase I photographed.

To purchase the complete Mexican Art Kit click on this link.

Mexican Art Digital Scrapbook Kit includes: Peso coins, dinero corner art, blanket, kokopelli, metallic sun, cloth napkin, 2 Day of the Dead skeletons, mariachi gold statue, 2 hats, tequila barrels, pottery sun, 3 butterflies, 2 fish, 3 masks, 2 dolls, 2 flowers, turtle, armadillo, 6 urns, 1 bracelet, marlin, bee, iguana, 11 pendants, 12 photo frames, 2 quick pages, 12 papers. All art 300 ppi, saved RGB in JPG and PNG format.

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