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Autumn is Here

Posted by gram210 on October 7, 2012

Autumn is here.

The weather has turned all the leaves bright colors of reds, yellows, greens and browns. Last year I made the mistake of thinking I could wait until the next weekend but by then all the leaves were on the ground. So this year, with raincoat and warm clothes I rode my bicycle to all the familiar places and crossed into soybean fields and other dirt roads that yielded various fall colors. The sun came out once and the splendor of all was too soon over before the clouds came and more rain. The two photos were taken in Michigan on Oct. 7, 2012. I have found a Kaleidoscope plugin for Photoshop that with a little practice you can come up with all kinds of beautiful nature-inspired scrapbook backgrounds. If you click on the Kaleidoscope photo below you will be able to download for free a full size 3600×3600 pixel background that can be used as a paper, overlay, photo frame or cutout letters.

Free Autumn Color Paper. Just click on photo below.


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Mexican Sun Digital Scrapbook QP Freebie

Posted by gram210 on October 25, 2011

Mexican Sun Digital Scrapbook Freebie

Muchachas take a look at this! It’s FREE. You like?

After an exhilarating visit with balmy 90 degree weather in Mexico, I came back home to discover that half the leaves had fallen off the maple trees and it was cold.

We stayed in Guadalara in the beautiful Hotel Morales. This historic hotel was divided into 3 sections and all areas were very ornate, the reception area that opened up to the top floor with a painting of clouds, the banquet room had decorative tiled steps, on the roof top there was a view of the city, a pool and always breathtaking moments of awe. The service was excellent.

I was anxious to put this Mexican Scrapbook kit together while the information was still in my head. One of the most fascinating places that I visited was the huge Mercado in Guadalara, that featured over 3 stories of shopping and eating experiences. There were miles of shoes, CDs, video games, jeans, jewelry, on the bottom floor you could buy meat, fruit and vegetables and in the middle of the mercado there were cubicles (maybe 50 or more) of food stands with everything from birrira (goat), ceviche, tacos and a Corona with lime and salt. Then it started pouring rain…

Much of our trip was spent navigating the cities with a taxi or bus. The bus was always more difficult because you never knew where you needed to get off. When we weren’t walking everywhere, we took a Tequila tour, a commercial bus to Puerto Vallarta. At Puerto Vallarta we loved the Vallarta Adventure tours. They were very professional and took great care to make sure we were all safe during the zip lines and the boat tours.

I would like to thank all the artisans of Tonala, Tlaquepaque, Guadalara and Puerto Vallarta for all their hard work in creating these beautiful pieces. My suitcase could only hold so much, so what I couldn’t purchase I photographed.

To purchase the complete Mexican Art Kit click on this link.

Mexican Art Digital Scrapbook Kit includes: Peso coins, dinero corner art, blanket, kokopelli, metallic sun, cloth napkin, 2 Day of the Dead skeletons, mariachi gold statue, 2 hats, tequila barrels, pottery sun, 3 butterflies, 2 fish, 3 masks, 2 dolls, 2 flowers, turtle, armadillo, 6 urns, 1 bracelet, marlin, bee, iguana, 11 pendants, 12 photo frames, 2 quick pages, 12 papers. All art 300 ppi, saved RGB in JPG and PNG format.

Gracias! Like Me on Facebook.

Download FREE Quick Page Here.

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Photoshop Tutorials

Posted by gram210 on October 28, 2010

Photoshop Tutorials

Fall Leaf Cutout Alphabet

Fall Leaves

Click on FALL above to download the PDF tutorial.

PDF Photoshop Tutorial with How To’s for:

1. How to Make Cut Out Letters.

2. How to Resize a Border to Fit Your Photo. See final finished page in A Little Digital’s Gallery.

Family Sized Border

3. How to Center a Photo on Your Paper. You can also space align a group of elements.

4. How to Use Pattern Tiles to Make Background Papers

You can snag this low resolution pattern tile below or pick up the Pattern Tile freebies in the shop. You will have to log in to get them.

Pattern Tile

Would you like more How To’s?

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Valentine Candy Heart Alpha Freebie

Posted by gram210 on January 18, 2010

Valentine Candy Hearts Alphabet Freebie!

Candy Hearts Freebie Link

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a sweet little alphabet that I’m sure everybody will love. This is an entire alphabet and comes with I Love You, Yours Truly, Be Mine, Friends Forever, Hugs, Forever Friends, I’m Yours, Love and Kisses. I think you’ll appreciate that the candy shapes are angled in different directions to add more charm.

Last year’s Valentine Kit has some really nice papers and I am working on creating more papers and elements and will be offering 2009 and 2010 together as a combined kit that will also include the full alphabet with extra letters and a combination of candy words.

If you are looking for more FREEBIES check the Little Digital Blog

There you will find a Tropical Vacation and also a Happy (Moo) New Year mini kit.

I appreciate feedback about my scrap kits.

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Explorer Camping Freebie

Posted by gram210 on July 2, 2009

Explorer Camping Free Mini Kit

When my daughters were little I occassionally took them camping. They were city girls and their knowledge of hiking and exploring were limited. While camping at Palomar Mtn. in California we sat in on one of the fireside chats with the local park ranger. He told us a true story about a young boy who had gotten lost in the woods in the winter time and had frozen to death. The father went to search for him and also lost his way and froze too. We were camping in the summer and it was well over 90 degrees.

The next day we were hiking down a trail and I’m the kind of person that likes to wander off away from the path. One of my daughters looked at me tearfully and said, "we want to get back on the trail so we don’t get lost and freeze to death."

Another camping trip I was gleefully tramping through the woods and I told my daughters that I was Joe Trailblazer and the reply was, "Does that mean that we’re little travel trailers?"

Camping is always an adventure for me. Making this scrapbook kit has taken a lot longer because I had to stop and smell the wild roses, pick raspberries and get purple fingers. I got to feed the mosquitoes, listen to rain on the roof, smell burning wood, race the dog with my bike, watch hummingbirds, turkeys, raccoons, gopher and deer from different vantage points. Along the bike paths I picked up an osprey feather, photographed a blue heron, looked at a catfish that a young fellow had caught, photographed a centipede, and a snake and frog at the Nature Center.

A trip to the General Store yielded ice cream and an opportunity to photograph a dragonfly. Don’t know what kind it is and if you know then let me know.

Happy Campers when you get ready to start your new page, go ahead and add some leaves, feathers and put your memories on to a page that says, "I love camping," with a camping kit from

Not included is a woodsey alphabet that you might like.

To see the complete kit click on this link: Explorer Camping Kit

URL to Free Camping Mini Kit

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Watermelon Picnic Scrapbook Kit

Posted by gram210 on June 21, 2009

Watermelon Picnic Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Just in time for the Fourth of July, Independence Day or extended weekend. Set your table with one of these tablecloths.

This picnic kit has been completely updated to 300 ppi. It comes with 5 tablecloths (I mean papers). 2 watermelon photo frames, 2 plate frames, 1 picnic basket and watermelon slices cut to embellish your reunion or backyard get together. Kit also come with a red and yellow alphabet. To get to the picnic kit just click on the photo above.

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Horse Digital Scrapbooking Freebie

Posted by gram210 on June 8, 2009

Western fans and horse lovers, here’s a digital scrapbooking kit that will have all you mustangs, pintos, thouroughbreds and paints bursting out of the corral and chomping at the bit to try out these new digital goodies right out the feed bag.

For a limited time download a free mini kit of the: Champion Horse Mini Digital Scrapbooking Kit

You must see the whole kit to appreciate all the bits and pieces.

For the complete kit go to: Champion Horse Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Champion Horse Digital Scrapbooking Kit. Gee, this kit has so many elements and papers that I had to fit it on to two pages to display it all. This kit will Trigger your love of horses. This painted variety includes tack, horse groomers, oats, horse shoes, a bit, a spur, saddles, horse feathers and more. Whoa! Hold on their little dogie.

There’s papers 12×12 at 300ppi adding up to 15. These papers are totally unique. Two are made using sisal twine, 4 are paisley bandanas, 1 is made from bales of hay, there’s a blue and white horse blanket, 5 are using a design that I pulled off a cowboy shirt and my very favorite are the two that started out as pony tail elastic hair bands. You’ll be winnying once you take a look at what’s in this corral to take out for a gallop.

Black Beauty will be ready to giddy up with a British saddle or Western saddle. Several lariats to rope your little Palomino or a nice brush to smooth those horse feathers. Huh! There’s no such thing as horse feathers.

Silver sheriff star for the Mustang rider, belt buckles, cowboy hats and boots, reins, wooden sign, bolo tie with silver saddle, silhouettes of two horses and 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place ribbons for the winning Champion.

There are several unique photo frames one made with oats, the other using a cowboy design, plus a fence to use as a photo frame and two ropes.

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Wedding Kit Mini Freebie

Posted by gram210 on May 26, 2009

Wedding Digital Kit Freebie.

I finally finished making this Wedding Kit. First I had to make a trip to Fernwood Botanical Garden to visualize an outdoor wedding. I anticipated flowers of every genre and was pleasantly surprised with what blooms in May. The wildflowers panorama was breathtaking and the trees with balls of white flowers captivating. And the cafe served mouth watering sandwiches and strawberry torte. The gift shop had real handmade gifts and not the "made in China" stuff. I definitely recommend visiting the gardens if you’re in Southwest Michigan. I was able to use one of the photos as a background for my kit (not shown here). The weather was perfect and I’m the kind of person that likes to pick up seeds and hope that I am rewarded with a beautiful tree.

This Wedding Kit could be called "I Love You, Lover’s Lane, Happy Anniversary, or Honeymoon." This lovely romantic kit is perfect to express the beauty of a new relationship, an anniversary or just to say "I Love You" to your sweetie. All art saved JPG, PNG, 300 ppi. Complete kit comes with 12 papers, 4 lace garter photo frames, 3 romantic scenes, 1 red rose, word art Wedding Memories, Happy Anniversary, 1 heart, a set of love birds (cockatiels). Comes with instructions on how to turn your art to gray and match the color of your choice. Also comes with 1 alphabet.

For the complete kit and samples, click on the photo above.

For a limited time download a free mini sample: DOWNLOAD

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Eco Friendly Scrapbooking Freebie

Posted by gram210 on May 16, 2009

Eco Friendly Free Digital Scrapbooking Kit

There were no trees chopped down, no toxic emissions produced and no fossil fuels being depleted.

This theme park inspired digital scrapbooking kit was created after I visited Binder Park Zoo in Michigan and I had so much fun taking photos and making the African Digital Scrapbooking Kit that I convinced my husband to take a trip to Florida to visit Busch Gardens. I recreated the signs to make photo frames or places to add titles, the papers are more subtle on the preview. We also went to Hillsborough River State Park where I got photos of palmetto fronds and the branches. The other places I visited were Caladesi Island that was gorgeous but cold for October, later we went to Homosassa Springs. The Wildlife Park is a definite go see for pelicans, alligators, manatee, bulls, flamingos and much more. Definitely take the boat over from the main office, you’ll see alligators, herons, mossed covered trees and more.

For a limited time just click on the photo above and it will take you to the kit. You will have to log in and then check out as a free shopper and download your kit.

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Baseball Scrapbooking Alphabet Freebie

Posted by gram210 on May 3, 2009

Baseball Digital Scrapbooking Kit and Alphabet Freebie

Sports Digital Scrapbooking Kit Baseball. This kit steps up to the plate with things that remind you of being out on the field with the team or to remember a visit to the Big League. From the bleacher seats, the chain link fence and mesh one might have a field day with this one. Comes with 10 papers and 3 overlays. Four photo frames with matching strips, 2 baseball bats, a glove, baseball, 2 alphabets (one in blue the other black), a black silhouette pitcher, baseball all star design. Art saved 300 ppi.

To purchase the whole kit click on the photo above.

To download the FREEBIE click on this link.

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