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Explorer Camping Freebie

Posted by gram210 on July 2, 2009

Explorer Camping Free Mini Kit

When my daughters were little I occassionally took them camping. They were city girls and their knowledge of hiking and exploring were limited. While camping at Palomar Mtn. in California we sat in on one of the fireside chats with the local park ranger. He told us a true story about a young boy who had gotten lost in the woods in the winter time and had frozen to death. The father went to search for him and also lost his way and froze too. We were camping in the summer and it was well over 90 degrees.

The next day we were hiking down a trail and I’m the kind of person that likes to wander off away from the path. One of my daughters looked at me tearfully and said, "we want to get back on the trail so we don’t get lost and freeze to death."

Another camping trip I was gleefully tramping through the woods and I told my daughters that I was Joe Trailblazer and the reply was, "Does that mean that we’re little travel trailers?"

Camping is always an adventure for me. Making this scrapbook kit has taken a lot longer because I had to stop and smell the wild roses, pick raspberries and get purple fingers. I got to feed the mosquitoes, listen to rain on the roof, smell burning wood, race the dog with my bike, watch hummingbirds, turkeys, raccoons, gopher and deer from different vantage points. Along the bike paths I picked up an osprey feather, photographed a blue heron, looked at a catfish that a young fellow had caught, photographed a centipede, and a snake and frog at the Nature Center.

A trip to the General Store yielded ice cream and an opportunity to photograph a dragonfly. Don’t know what kind it is and if you know then let me know.

Happy Campers when you get ready to start your new page, go ahead and add some leaves, feathers and put your memories on to a page that says, "I love camping," with a camping kit from

Not included is a woodsey alphabet that you might like.

To see the complete kit click on this link: Explorer Camping Kit

URL to Free Camping Mini Kit


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